Protect their
digital lives

For multi-academy trusts and their schools.

The internet is amazing.

But it's a jungle out there.

A Digital
Wellbeing Service

Enable pupils to use tech in a safe, secure and healthy way.

Digitally healthy pupils

IT can protect school devices, but not your pupils' personal devices or online lives.

Help parents get their family devices and social media protected.
Help your community foster healthier tech habits at home and at school.

Keep pupils focused

Late night TikTok scrolling. Anxious from cyber bullying. Digital distractions inhibit learning - allow your learners to learn.

Help parents set up controls like restricting access to social media in school time or bedtime.

Your schools supported

Teachers don't have time to spend dealing with e-safety issues arising from home and from school.

Free up your staff's time so they can focus back on teaching. Support them with a community of experts so they can stop googling for solutions.

Insights from analytics

Schools don’t have data on what issues are arising in their communities, resulting in speculative investment.

What safety issues are pupils facing online? What social media is most popular across which schools?

User-anonymous analytics help target spend and awareness activities at the lowest engaged schools. Update curricula to address common problems.

Added Value

MATs who put their schools and pupils first

Digital Inclusion

Provide equitable SAFE access from home – helping to bridge the digital divide and support parents.

Family Support

Integrate into your wider strategy to engage with vulnerable families and support them more holistically.​

Evidence Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements from the DfE, Ofsted Sexual Abuse review & the upcoming Right to Disconnect law.

User Privacy

All users are non-identifiable to ourselves, but are identifiable for the schools should a safeguarding issue arise.

Engagement Programme

For all clients, we run a themed monthly engagement programme to ensure you maximise your return on investment.

Existing Initiatives​

Bolster your e-Safety strategy, home learning strategy, free device roll-outs, 'Everyones Invited' and curriculum improvements.

Data Analytics

Analyse how parental engagement changes over time and compared to awareness activities.

Parental engagement

Analyse how parental engagement changes over time and compared to awareness activities.

Discover insights on which schools have the lowest engagement, then use this to direct engagement activities where they're needed the most.

Predict safeguarding risks

We provide anonymous insights on what types of issue or difficulties parents (and their children) are struggling with, often predicting issues about to occur in school.

This feeds into safeguarding and curriculum activities to squash trends before they take hold.

Anonymous insights on what types of issue parents and kids are struggling with, often predicting issues about to occur in school.

A variety of use cases

2021 Research

A Study of Pupil's Digital Lives

How has covid-19 affected remote learning, online safety and digital literacy?

In collaboration with the UK’s most forward thinking schools, this report investigates the changing face of learning in a digitised and post-covid classroom and family home.

Release date: 15th July 2021

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